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Here at Loveland Agri Products™, we are committed to Australian farming.

We are part of a global organisation specialising in innovative technologies that improve crop production and farm profitability.

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At Loveland Agri Products™, we have a wide range of products that cover some of the most vital aspects of crop health.

We supply formulas for crop nutrition, ag chemicals for protection from pests and disease, as well as products to improve farm productivity, output and profitability.

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Latest Product Guide

Check out our full list of agri products and more information in our latest product guide.

Trial Results

Loveland Agri Products™ invests into research to both improve the quality of the product and pioneer new technology.

Nutritional Programs

Loveland Agri Products nutritional programs are designed to combine the strengths of different technologies in the same program.

Influence your crop via various modes of action and utilise the expertise of the national Landmark agronomist network, to ensure you maximise your yield potential this season.