Nutritional Programs

Loveland Agri Products nutritional programs are designed to combine the strengths of different technologies in the same program.

Influence your crop via various modes of action and utilise the expertise of the national Landmark agronomist network, to ensure you maximise your yield potential this season. 


Winter Pastures Programs

Cold conditions over winter means plant growth slows and conditioning livestock can be a challenge. Throw the box & dice at your pastures with our Winter Pastures Programs.

Designed to streamline the mixing and application processes. These simple one-pass solutions are proven to boost quality dry matter production over winter months.

Soil & Spray Programs (Almonds)

Adequate tree nutrition is critical to the health and yield potential of any nut crop. 

Loveland Agri Products incorporates a range of highly efficient technologies into soil and foliar programs to improve soil health, yield potential and fruit quality.