Basis XC

Basis XC is a fertiliser biocatalyst that is specifically formulated for use with granular fertilisers. 

Basis XC contains concentrated biochemistry that lets growers get more out of their applied P & K fertilisers by increasing nutrient availability and enhancing root growth and function. By accelerating the breakdown of treated granular fertilisers and converting organic nutrients into inorganic forms, Basis XC assists with nutrient availability for plant uptake and utilisation, helping to optimise yield potential. 

Key benefits

  • Expedites nutrient availability and uptake 

  • Enhances nutrient use efficiency

  • Improves first-year nutrient recovery

  • Promotes better root growth and development

  • Optimizes yield potential


Product features

  • Performance across plant and soil types 

  • Compatible with a variety of granular fertiliser blends (P & K, compound fertilisers, MAP, MAP blends, DAP, DAP blends, pell lime, sulfate of potash, ammonium sulfate, gypsum)

  • Extra concentrated formulation for superior coating on fertiliser granules

  • Used at low volumes

  • Shelf stable



Fertiliser biocatalyst to improve fertiliser efficiency



2 to 4 L/tonne
Microorganisms <1% (including Bacillus licheniformis 1x10^3 cfu/ml)
Water-based culture medium 99.00%



  • Crop Suitability
    All crops, including broadacre
  • Product Timing
    Applied to granular fertiliser blends
  • Pack Sizes
    20L, 500L, 1000L