Nutrisync D

For Dicot Crops such as Canola and Horticulture.

NutriSync D (1-0-0 W/V) is a unique liquid foliar nutritional that enhances the physiological activity and growthof dicot crops. Powered by inositol, NutriSync D stimulates dicot crops to move low-mobility nutrients from the roots and older leaves to new growth areas where they are needed most for plant growth and health.

Key benefits 

  • Excellent crop tolerance

  • Easy to handle and mix

  • Compatible with other foliar nutrients (including Nitrogen) on all dicot crops

  • Compatible with leading herbicides (including glyphosate), fungicides and insecticides

  • Flexible application timing across a wide variety of crop growth stages






0-1-1 W/V
Nitrogen 0.00%
Phosphorous 1.00%
Potassium 1.00%
Boron 0.70
Molybdenum 0.90