Nutritional Enhancement

Our advanced nutritional enhancement products are liquid fertiliser additives that work alongside your regular fertiliser to enhance its effects.

By improving soil biology and helping enhance nitrogen stabilisation, these products help with root growth and development.

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Tri-CarboN is an enhanced liquid fertiliser formulated to provide a stabilised, safer, more efficient and more available form of nitrogen for plant uptake. Applied as a soil or foliar product, Tri-CarboN helps growers increase their soil and plant productivity.

Pulse Seed Coating Mix

Pulse Seed Coating Mix is specifically designed to maximise colonisation of rhizobia bacteria onto the roots of pulse crops. The formulation contains zinc and manganese which are critical to early plant growth, a liquid kelp extract as a source of alginate to enhance rhizobia during the seeding…

Black Ultra

BLACK ULTRA is ideal for farmers interested in higher CEC, water retention, fertiliser enhancement and overall improved soil biology and plant health resulting in increased yield, quality and return on investment. The technology in BLACK ULTRA provides both a humin component and a carbohydrate…
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Awaken St

Awaken St (7-0-1) is a seed treatment containing zinc ammonium acetate with potassium and a balanced micronutrient seed treatment package including boron, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, and zinc.