Pulse Seed Coating Mix

Pulse Seed Coating Mix is specifically designed to maximise colonisation of rhizobia bacteria onto the roots of pulse crops. The formulation contains zinc and manganese which are critical to early plant growth, a liquid kelp extract as a source of alginate to enhance rhizobia during the seeding phase, molybdenum to maximise nitrogen fixation, plus Foundation LM as a source of concentrated biochemistry containing beneficial enzymes, proteins and organic acids. Field experiments have demonstrated that a focus on increasing the survival of rhizobia can lead to rapid root growth and development in plant germination. Enhancing rhizobia colonisation with Pulse Seed Coating Mix has been shown to increase yield, as well as significantly increase deep N reserves as a direct result of the increased rhizobia colonies fi xing more N from the soil which can have added benefits on the following year’s crop.


Foundation LM



5L/t of seed


  • Crop Suitability
  • Product Timing
    Applied at seeding with inoculant
  • Pack Sizes
    20L, 1000L