Black Ultra

BLACK ULTRA is ideal for farmers interested in higher CEC, water retention, fertiliser enhancement and overall improved soil biology and plant health resulting in increased yield, quality and return on investment. The technology in BLACK ULTRA provides both a humin component and a carbohydrate package in addition to humic and fulvic acids. BLACK ULTRA can be applied as a soil or foliar product and it specifically manufactured to help growers increase their soil and plant productivity.

Key benefits 

  • Maximize Nutrient Availability
  • Moderate Toxicity of Salts
  • Improve Plant and Microbial Activity
  • Increasing CEC in the application zone
  • Increasing mineralisation and solubility of nutrients
  • Reducing the negative effect of variable pH
  • Complexing fertiliser salts reducing root and leaf burn
  • Buffering the negative effects of soil and water salts
  • Providing food sources for beneficial microbes
  • Encouraging greater root mass and plant vigour



Soil Amendment & Fertiliser 




Soluble Potash 4%
Organic Acids 22%


  • Crop Suitability
    Broadacre Row Crop Horticulture
  • Product Timing
    Foliar, Fertigation and Soil Applied
  • Pack Sizes
    20L, 1000L